Recordati Group

Recordati is a well-established international pharmaceutical group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1984. The Recordati group is headquartered in Milan and is one of Italy’s oldest pharmaceutical companies.

Since it was founded in 1926, Recordati has grown consistently thanks to the success of its products and its strategy based on internationalization and diversification, also implemented through a business development and acquisition strategy initiated in the 1990s and still ongoing today. The Group is committed to seeking new opportunities and faces the challenges of a constantly changing marketplace with determination. In 2022, revenue of € 1,853.3 million was generated with a staff of more than 4,300 employees.

A number of branches are currently operational in Europe and globally. In addition to its subsidiaries in Western and Central and Eastern European countries, the Group has a direct presence in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, some South American countries, the Middle East, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, China, South Korea, Türkiye and North Africa. Recordati also sells its products in about 150 markets through license and distribution agreements. Alongside its geographic expansion, the Group has developed a significant and increasing global presence in the pharmaceutical segment for the treatment of rare diseases and constantly enhances its treatment offering by developing new products and forming alliances with research institutes and other pharmaceutical companies. The Group’s most well-known Specialty and Primary Care products include those in the cardiovascular area, the urology area, the gastroenterological area, and the central nervous system area.

Recordati develops, produces, and markets drugs for the treatment of rare diseases through Recordati Rare Diseases, a group of companies operating globally and dedicated entirely to serve patients suffering from these diseases. Historically focused on rare genetic metabolic illnesses, the Group’s portfolio in this segment was expanded with the acquisition of additional important treatments for rare endocrine diseases and rare oncological diseases.

The acquisition of the oncology portfolio is an additional and significant step forward in achieving Recordati’s strategy, which aims to increase its presence in the rare diseases segment and improve patients’ lives by delivering innovative treatments that address serious unmet medical needs.

Recordati has seven pharmaceutical production facilities and a packaging and distribution facility dedicated to rare disease products, all of which operate in full compliance with environmental protection regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Recordati also produces a number of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry at two pharmaceutical chemical plants: one in Campoverde di Aprilia, Italy, and the other in Cork, Ireland.

Recordati will extend its presence in the international pharmaceutical market and rare diseases segment, working in conjunction with the communities where it operates. Contributing to the well-being of the areas where it operates and dedicating a portion of its resources to solidarity initiatives is not simply a duty for Recordati, but rather the way it conducts its business.

The Group pursues a sustainable growth model, integrating social and environmental aspects into its corporate strategy and process, mindful that there can be no long-term economic development without responsible action.

For this purpose, Recordati has defined a Sustainability Plan, describing its future commitments, structured with qualitative and quantitative goals for five priority areas: patient care, people care, environmental protection, responsible sourcing, ethics, and integrity.

2022 key consolidated data

  • Revenue € 1,853.3 million

  • EBITDA € 672.8million

  • Net income € 312.3 million


  • Expand through organic development and acquisitions.

  • Develop product portfolio by enhancing product pipeline and new product acquisitions.

  • Continue to invest in both Specialty & Primary Care and Rare Diseases.

  • Capture growth opportunities in Rare Diseases in the US.

  • Committed to sustainable development.